New build and Tarot gimbal

Hi, I am building two “new” 450 quads. The first one is a re-build of my old Iris + , I re-used all the Iris parts, electronics, arms and motors, excluding the black body, I printed new parts/plates to replace it. The board runs Ardupilot and shows up OK in APM planner.
The original Tarot gimbal shows up in APM planner and can be set-up.
Once all the parts are back on it should work as the old Iris+

So far so good

The second 450 quad, is brand new, new 450 frame, the board: Pixhawk4 running PX4 OS. all parts from Hollybro including the PDB. I also intend to use a new Tarot 3D gimbal with my GoPro Hero4. i pretty well understand how to connect everything but for the gimbal, I have not found anywhere any info on where to connect the gimbal to the board so I can control it with my radio (either my old Taranis or the new Jumper T16) like can do with the one on the Iris +.

Now, the interesting part, it is possible (I have done it once to try it) to flash the Pixhawk4 with the Ardupilot OS using QGC. , the board then is recognized by APM Planner and there is available a UI screen to set-up the gimbal.

But then I still do not know where to connect the new gimbal wires, the power ones connections are easy enough to figure out, but where do attached the other ones to the board so I can use it with my T16?

So here are two questions
1 -should I flash Ardupilot on the Pixhawk4 to replace PX4
2- do any of you know how to connect the 3D tarot gimbal to the Pixhawk4.



  1. Up to you, but you definitely can. It’s a fully supported board.
  2. Yes, but setup depends on your choice of firmware.

If you’re seeking assistance setting up with ArduPilot, best to ask at