New Airframe with VTOL

I need someone to help me create a new airframe.
You need to have knowledge in creating one yourself.
Please have knowledge with helicopters, airplane and or compound aircraft
We can discuss compensation
Thank you

whats your idea on creating a new vtol air frame can you explain that

Conceptually it’s similar to Fun Cub. Realistically it’s a helicopter on top of an airplane. We might use a fixed wing. We might need to counter the body rotation. It’s a challenge, but achievable and very promising technology.

My questions are how to model the motors? Does it take into account the size of the motors, the locations, etc.?

Look forward to seeing all replies.

cool ,Nice idea quite possible but challenging .Is it an r&d project or you want to develop as a product ?

Of course, I want to make it a reality. How much do you know about this subject?

I am working on a similar R&d project and wants to make into complete product .it would be nice if give more knowledge about the idea you have