Horizontal motor in new airframe

I am trying to create a new airframe based off of quadcopter frame with an added additional motor which is located on the frame horizontally instead of vertical like other 4 motors. I could add a motor and give X and Y positions in the airframe configuration, but how can I configure it to be horizontal ? This would be pretty similar to a VTOL, but permanently horizontal, no inflight movements. Any help would be highly appreciated in this regards.

Sounds like a standard VTOL? Having four motors used for takeoff and then one push/pull motor which gets activated when switched to FW? I’m not sure where what you are describing is different from a quite standard VTOL.
I would suggest to go look at some of the already made VTOL drones in the models’ folder.

Hi @Mr_Madsen , Actually I have 4 horizontal motors as well, which I am using for an experiment (Trying to obtain mm level small movements in XY plane with zero or absolute minimum tilt). So I need to define my extra 4 motors as horizontal.

Sounds like an interesting project, unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with making motors horizontal. My best advice would be to try and find a airframe which is as close as possible to your design, maybe a VTOL or omnicopter, and see how that was created and modify it to your needs.