Need your help to diagnose the crash

Hello Guys,

drone ran in manual mode, then I used QGC switched to orbit mode. It was working fine initially, after a period of time it suddenly crash. need your help to diagnose. thank you!

frame H380
controller pixhawk4 / M8N
telemetry 3DR v1.9
motor 2212/1400kv
ESC blheli 35A

link for crash log

Sorry to hear about your crash.

From the log it looks like that at time 3:43.200 presumably some ESC/motor/propeller(s) failed and it could not correct attitude and altitude anymore with only 3 outputs.

Does that match what you observed or found later? Can you do a test if fall motors still work?

Hi Julian,

Thanks for the input.

Yes, found a wire was disconnected between motor and ESC. I soldered to connect each other after came back home, but I can’t make sure which motor was, should be either motor 2 or motor 3.

motor 3 motor 1

     pixhawk ^ (^ means direction)

motor 2 motor 4

Hi. Do you have a log of that flight (.bin file)? I’m running a program in my Doctor’s Thesis and it will be very useful. My e-mail is
If you have other files of good flights i’ll also appreciatte.