Need to get Pixhawk data from q-ground control into my custom application

I am currently working on a project in which we are building a telemetry ground station for a sounding rocket. We also have an autonomous glider which is going to be controlled via the pixhawk mini and send telemetry data to QGround Control. I am trying to find a way to get my application to connect to QGround control via internal TCP or UDP communication. I need to be able to get two sensor readings from the gliders pixhawk, and bring those values into my application, allowing it to be viewed along with the rockets data.

I have been told this is possible by people more familiar with pixhawk and QGround control, but am unable to find any clear documentation on how to accomplish this task. My questions are:
Is this possible with QGround Control?
If so; can you recommend documentations or tutorials to help me realize my goal.

Try MAVProxy.

You can stream from 1 pixhawk to multiple GCS or custom software. You’ll still have to write a parser to read Mavlink messages to your custom application.

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Thank you @pziyang. So if I am understanding correctly, I use MAVProxy, and QGround Control will still recieve the data, but I can access MAVProxy with my application and get a copy of the data sent via the pixhawk. I then just need to parse the data stream and take the parts I need?

yes. look at the --output argument. Something along the lines of --master=“xxx” --out=“yyy” --out=“zzz” --daemon


xxx is from pixhawk (serial radio or wifi)
yyy is to QGC (e.g. udp:
zzz is to your custom app (e.g. udp:

see this picture

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Thank you , this is exactly what I need, I really appreciate the help!