Multiple ground stations?

Hi everyone,

A bit of a reverse question from some I’ve seen on this forum:
Instead of connecting multiple UAVs to one ground station, is it possible to connect multiple GCS to one UAV? I would imagine one would have to be the master, but can I have some just listening in, to display the flight data to multiple people?


You could probably achieve this quite easily with mavproxy. Set up the telemetry stream to be sent to a pc running mavproxy, to the mavproxy UDP port, then specify multiple outputs with the IPs and ports of your ground stations.
You should be able to interact with the vehicle from each ground station, but you may get warning messages on the other ground stations (such as unexpected ACKs).

That is what I am doing. 1x QGC for control, 1x QGC for safety/geofence monitoring.

See following for details.

Thanks, I’ll try that!