My new tailsitter

I’m building the tailsitter based on Arkbird frame.
I use Pixhawk 2 (2.4.8).
The firmware is 1.9.2, configured with Capitoshka airframe.
I’m testing it on the ground, and need some advices.

  1. The Pixhawk is calibrated according to the FW mode, is it correct?
  2. When the plane is armed, and the battery is connected via the power module, there are no outputs on servos or motors (connected to the Main outputs).
  3. On the flight tab of the Qgroundcontrol, the attitude ball is always according to the FW mode, even when i switch to the VTOL with the RC.
  4. When the Pixhawk is powered from battery, i can’t connect to the Qgroundcontrol application with the USB cable.

Appreciate any help.