Multi vehicle simulation rtps gazebo ros2

I followed the documentation to set up a multi vehicle simulation under gazebo using the micro rtps bridge and ros2 offboard control. I notice that :

  1. The vehicle are well launched with the different micrortps_clients
  2. The different micrortps_agent are well launched
  3. The connection between ROS2 program and the microtps_agents is well established thanks to topic and namespaces.
    The offboard control is not applied to the vehicle 2 ! vehicle 2 is not receiving any commands from ROS2 program… Is it a problem of micrortps bridge ?


I am struggling with the same problem, did u found any solution?
are you running micrortps_clients separately for each drone?
as building px4 using sitl_rtps would create the client itself, and I think it’s not needed to do anything!
Or the problem is that the client on other instances of PX4 don’t have the namespace set! idk