Motors start beeping and turn minimal after 10 minutes standby

Hello everybody,

we noticed that the motors of our quadcopter start beeping and turning minimally after a 10 minutes standby. We could not find an easy way to disable this and it becomes a bit irritating while working with the copter. Is there a parameter that I didn’t see which would disable this?

The only method we have right now is to spin the motors once or reboot the pixhawk.

Thanks in advance.


Some ESCs has this kind of feature: it starts to beep after some time of inactivity. This probably can be disabled using ESC management tool.
What ESC do you have?
I have Hakrc BLHELI_32 and it also beeps after some time of inactivity. This is probably nothing to do with pixhawk/px4.

Thats good to know, thank you for the input. We are using the BLHELI_32 as well and I will check how this can be deactivated.

FWIW If you and disarm it will stop.

That is true thank you, but its not always an option.

If you crash the beeping might help you find the drone.