What is meant by this sound coming from PX4

After attaching the battery the drone sounds like this , with the propellers twitching with sound.
Please see the sound using the following Link
what is this warning for?

The sound is coming from your motors and are being created by the ESCs. It’s not a sound that PX4 makes to warn you of something. Have you calibrated your ESCs?

esc’s are not getting a signal and are in standby; check your connections and upload a picture of the output rail if you aren’t sure whether or not the connections are correct

@Nicolas Thank you for pointing in the right direction. @Santiago_Escala , the sound goes away , if I disconnect the battery and connect it again. When the sound goes away, I can fly the drone. Although there are some oscillations, but I wasnot thinking that it is related with ESC calibration.

The connections should be correct , since I have been flying it for a while now.
Is there any link or information about this sound?

I checked the ESC manual,

There were two possibilities, input signal error or input voltage error.
There was also some sudden requirement for caliberation for pixhawk, via QgroundControl and after that it was ok.

when I connect batteries to my hexrotor, the esc started beeping again. After connecting and disconnecting battery multiple times, the beeping stops, but the QgroundControl shows that accelerometer and gyrometer need caliberation and also the pixhawk lED turns red and keeps blinking. I could not figure it out, why this is happening. Also it even flew once perfectly after caliberating accelerometer and gyrometer but then after disconnecting and connecting battery again, the beeping of ESC came back. I am unable to figure out the problem and I would be grateful if you can give me some insights. Thanks again.