Fixed wing Motor ESC Beeping when armed

Here is the background:

I have been flying my fixed wing for over a year without any major issues.
FC: Pixhawk Mini running QGC.


Recently it was too hot in Kali and my motor flamed out, so I am upgrading it to a bigger motor and ESC.
I tested and calibrated new ESC and motor before plugging into FC with the same receiver and radio for the plan and everything works fine.
Now that I wired up esc and motor on the plane with FC, its giving few seconds interval beeping noise while searching for satellites. No change when I arm with the safety switch, but as soon as I arm with throttle stick to the bottom right it starts to beep constantly with no response to my throttle movement.

Do I need to re-calibrate my radio with QGC hooked up to the FC?

It’s not clear what is beeping as the GPS in and of itself will not make the ESC beep.
If it is the ESC you should google up the manual for your ESC to see what that beeping pattern means.
It could mean incorrect voltage.

It’s the esc/ motor beeping. And it runs fine and does not beep when connected to receiver only.