Motor Test Navio2/RPI 4B+


I am currently doing my first steps with PX4 and a setup based on a RaspberryPi 4B+ with a Navio2. The build was successful without erros. I should note that in comparison to the default build I enabled the micrortps_client for ROS2 which I will need later.

Communication to the Navio2 via PX4 works. I can calibrate the compas, gyro, accelerometer. Also I get data from the gps (all this works via qgroundcontrol as well as via PX4 shell).

Next step would be for me to test the motors (w/o propellers of course). For that I connected the ESCs to PWM1-PWM4 and executed in the PX4 shell:

motor_test iterate

All motors give a sound. But only motor 4 is spinning for a short time. After that I tried:

motor_test test -m 1 -p 50 -t 5

to test each motor one after the other and as a third test

motor_test test -p 50 -t 5

to test all like with motor iterate. In these both cases nothing happend. Only a lot of sound/beeps were playing.

If I test via qgroundcontrol I only get back as a feedback the sound/beeps (similar to motor_test test -m 1 -p 50 -t 5).

Which leads me to the questions:

  1. What do all the beeps/sounds/melodies mean?
  2. Why are the motors not spinning (exept for one motor in the motor_test iterate case)?
  3. Can ESC calibration be the reason? If so, how to calibrate? The esc_calib does not work for Raspi/Linux and Navio2 .

I am using the default px4.config and mixers/quad_x.main.mix. Any special parameters required?

Maybe a valuable information is that I am using the Holybro QAV250. Only replaced the Pixhawk4 mini with the Raspi and Navio2. For my target setup this configuration gives me more flexibility than the PX4 mini connected to a Raspi. Of course doesn’t help as long my "dream " configuration doesn’t work.

Appreciate your feedback, especially I am fully aware that Navio2 with PX4 is not tier-1 supported by PX4 and also not by Emlid!


I would double check that the ESCs are all hooked up correctly.
The beeps CAN mean they are not seeing the PWM signal.

Hi @jimdgit ,

Thanks for your feedback!

According to Emlid they had an issue with the ESC and therefore deployed a new kernel. After running apt update && apt upgrade everything works as expected.