Modifying quad tailsitter with adding folding wing option

Hi . As the title suggests, I would like to add a folding and unfolding option to the quad tailsitter.

As if it is a general px4 tilt function, it is a concept that from the folded MC mode to the half-fold mode for transition and full expansion for entering cruise mode.

Attach my initial sketch for explanation.

Currently, we are producing models with reduced size.

So I am currently struggling to set up mixer.
Maybe I think the quad tailsitter is probably the best of base.

Which mixer to insert here to configure the folding option? Can I add an existing tilt or flap function to my mixer? Also I am thinking about how to integrate this function with Air Speed.
The aerodynamic approach is carried out separately.

If you have an idea for this, ask for advice.

Regards, Changkeun Moon

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Airframe looks cool! Awesome project!

Thank you.
I will continue to post my project progress

Keep struggling.
There are the following problems.
I’ve tried configuring a mixer before, but I’m not a specialist for px4.

We concluded that a kind of parameter similar to the vtol tilt servo should be added to the tailsitter mixer.

How do I get access to add parameters that control the fold actuator for mc mode, transition mode, and fw mode?