Range of parameter reusability?

Hi I am building a new airframe.
The main type is Tailsitter but some configuration has to be added.

What I’m curious about is how and where the parameters can be reused.
For example, whether a parameters of the VTOL Tilt rotor group, or a parameters of the FW group, can be configured in a new airframe declared Tailsitter.

In particular I want to apply the VT_TILT_TRANS or flab parameter to the Tailsitter.

Any ideas about this part?
Share my current project for better explanation.

Ok, I saw the source and realized that modules are different and are not parameter compatible between the tiltrotor and tailsitter.

So I’m working on a module for a custom tailsitter and want to make the new aux actuators work phase by phase like that of a tilt rotor.

I have already configured the mixer and want to activate one of the aux channels as wing tilt.

Any help or insight would be great!