Mixing position and velocity commands in offboard mode

I’m trying to hover my drone over a pattern, using a downward facing camera. I’m continuously issuing velocity commands in Offboard mode using set_velocity_body based on the deviation from the pattern.
On low heights, an occasional wind might push the drone far enough away to lose the pattern. In that case, I’d like to issue a position command using set_position_ned to move the drone back to the location it last saw the pattern. As soon as the drone acquires the pattern again, the algorithm should cancel the position command and go back to using velocity commands again to center the drone above the pattern.

What happens when I issue a position command and then start sending velocity command before the position was reached? Will one of these commands prevail over the other or will they somehow cooperate?

I’m using MAVSDK 1.4.3 in Python.


Will be used last command.

May be you will like to use this command:


where velocity is velocity in target point.