Velocity in offboard mode really slow to reach

I’m working with MAVSDK to send velocity NED to PX4 controller (v1.10.1 stable).

But the requested velocity NED is really slow to reach… See my log done in SITL based on the offboard_velocity example where I request 2m/s in north direction

Does anyone know which parameter I need to change to get my speed reached as soon as possible without modifying POSCTL or MISSION mode behavior ? @bresch maybe ? :grimacing:

@Katawan Sorry, I’m not using offboard. @Jaeyoung-Lim might know.

@Katawan You are using the same position controller with mission mode, therefore I don’t think it would be possible you can tune the position controller “independent” from the mission / posctl behavior.

You could try to tune the position controller to have higher jerk limitations / or you can switch to a more lower level setpoint such as bodyrates

@Jaeyoung-Lim. Thank you for the answer. I can’t see it in the documentation. Offboard is using the jerk limited implementation like Mission ?

The MPC_POS_MODE for the POSCTL is set to 1 in my case. So if offboard is working with jerk limited I could tune these parameters to allow more reactive response without changing Position mode behavior

@Katawan No I meant you can tune the position controller to be more aggressive. Offboard and position share the exact same position controller code, so you can’t tune offboard and position control separately