Offboard control with both position(x,y,z) and velocity(vx,vy,vz) information

Is it able for PX4 Offboard to use both information of position and velocity? This means send position and velocity information to Mavlink’s SET_POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED.

If it can, how to use this with MAVROS? Sending expected position to setpoint_position and expected velocity to setpoint_velocity in the SAME TIME?

Thanks for anyone offering help!!

@Cpt.KK This might be helpful:

Thank you! But my problem seems more complicated than the example in

The example only uses position control. However, I would like to control not only its position but its velocity as well. The UAV stops at (0, 0, 2) in the example, which indicates the velocity of three dimension is (vx, vy, vz)=(0, 0, 0). What if the UAV reaches (0, 0, 2) with a certain velocity(not zero), like (1, 0, 0)?

@Cpt.KK You can set velocity as a feedforward term, please look at