Mission start is not working

Hello! I try to start rover. I sent MAV_CMD_MISSION_START to vehicle, but I got error “mission start denied no valid mission”, but mission was loaded to rover. In manual mode rover started
LOG: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=7f5cac1a-ce05-438e-849d-54f4ddb976d4#Nav-RC-Quality

I will try to find log with start in auto mode.

(motor was disconected in my experiment)

P.S. I want to use rover without RC only in Misson mode.

Autostart https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=991c0e3a-d076-494f-815e-bee948b02393.

How to debug it?

Sometimes i can turn on the mission mode after manipulation with switching between manual and mission.

I use this command for start:

Why I get 2 messages “Mission start denied” and “Mission start denied, no valid mission”. Logically, It was not supposed to happen: