Mission Mode Fixed Wing Tight Turns


We made a small VTOL aircraft and are having some issues when in fixed wing flight. When entering and exiting way-points, the vehicle sometimes is in a less than ideal position, making the vehicle want to do a 180 degree turn very quickly trying to fly to a way-point behind its forward direction of travel.

For example, when exiting a loiter to go to the next way-point, if that next way-point is behind its direction of travel the vehicle tries to turn very quickly most of the time losing all control. Is there a way to set a minimum turning radius so that when navigating through way-points the vehicle does not send itself into these tight spirals?

Had a similar issue with a VTOL where if the first waypoint after transition was 180 degrees from its heading the aircraft would make an extremely aggressive bank immediately after transition.

We have had luck by limiting FW_L1_R_SLEW_MAX to limit how fast the controller can change the roll set point.

I will try this the next time I go out and fly, should be sometime this week. Thanks!