Micrortps_client does not receive uorb message

Hi all,

I couldn’t receive any message when i try with micrortps_client. I got the below message. Is there any other step when make firmware? My steps are below.

nsh> micrortps_client status
INFO [micrortps_client] Running
nsh> micrortps_client stop
nsh> INFO [micrortps_client] SENT: 0 messages in 148277 LOOPS, 0 bytes in 303.062 seconds - 0.00KB/s
INFO [micrortps_client] RECEIVED: 0 messages in 148277 LOOPS, 0 bytes in 303.066 seconds - 0.00KB/s
INFO [micrortps_client] Stopped!

make px4_fmu-v5_rtps
make px4_fmu-v5_rtps upload
cd Firmware/Tools && python mavlink_shell.py
micrortps_client start -t UDP

If any of you have suggestions, I would greatly appreciate.

@bulutgul some notes:

  1. You are building using the px4_fmu-v5_rtps target, which assumes that you are loading the code into a flight controller and then you will be using the serial port to connect to a companion computer. You are starting the client with -t UDP which will launch the link with a UDP port. Why?

  2. Did you actually start the agent anywhere? Even so, considering what you did on the previous point, I guess you have started in a UDP port, which will never work because you don’t have an UDP connection between your flight controller and a companion computer/development computer (unless you had an Ethernet interface).

  3. Considering you want to use a serial interface, this got fixed in this PR. Before it was giving problems. So you need to update your source code and sync with Firmware master so to have this available in your code.

@TSC21 thanks for the reply. My answers are below.

  1. I have little knowledge of UDP. I thought I could connect with UDP as well. Now I am connecting with UART. Like “micrortps_client start”.

  2. Yes, I actually did. As you said, I was connecting via UDP port. like i did in sitl. Now I turned it back to uart too. Like “micrortps_agent -t UART”

  3. Thanks for information. but stiil got the interrupt between client and agent. I updated my source code. I see message “Bad CRC 58894 != 18857” and agent stop with this message " SENT: 22 messages - 1100 bytes
    RECEIVED: 44 messages - 5237 bytes; 1787065 LOOPS - 0.003 seconds - 1811.90KB/s" .