Message SYS_STATUS with companion returns strange values


I use an arduino mega as “companion computer” connected to a Pixhawk over Serial 2 (px4 1.8.2 firmware, quadcopter configuration)

There is something strange with the message SYS_STATUS.
All bitmaps “MAV_SYS_STATUS_SENSOR” for

  • onboard_control_sensors_present
  • onboard_control_sensors_enabled
  • onboard_control_sensors_health

These 3 bitmaps return 0. This is very strange because I can see the value of the gyro without any problem (ATTITUDE message returns correct values). So at least the gyro is detected but it is not showed in the bitmap.

But when I connect QGroundControl at the same time trough the USB port it returns correct values for the 3 bitmaps on the Arduino. Do I need to send an specific MAVLINK command to activate this “MAV_SYS_STATUS_SENSOR” bitmap ?

Am I doing something wrong ?



Hello OK, it is solved.

It is a bug in the 1.8.2 firmware. I upload the last firmware currently in development from github (1.9.0 firmware) and the problem disapears.