MAVSDK-Python Video streaming example

Hi together,

I have a Yuneec H520 and want to write some custom python code to control the drone. I made some tests with the python sdk and struggled with the video streaming functionality. Taking photos and videos worked but the function start_video_streaming() always throws a camera error. Can anybody help me with some working video stream examples or support?

Many thanks in advance.


Can you make sure the camera protocol, currently supported only a single camera? When multiple cameras are supported the plugin will need to be instantiated separately for every camera and the camera selected using select_camera.

Can you please specifies the error?

Ah maybe it’s the camera protocol. I used Qgroundcontrol to check if video streaming is possible in general. With the default settings it doesn’t work. I have to set the source to “Yuneec Mantis G”, other settings like “UDP h.264” etc don’t work. How can I change the camera protocol for the SDK?

Thx in advance.