MavROS parallel DroneCodeSDK

Hello all,

I’ve done an application in the dronecodeSDK that creates missions dependening on waypoints given by a web interface.
However, I was trying to give the drone position by a “fake” GPS, finding out that wouldn’t work.

  1. Will I be able to give the position x,y,z directly using MavROS and fake vision position and still use the dronecodeSDK to communicate with the drone? Does the telemetry radio supports this?
  2. Will I need to change the mission control to offboard control?


Currently PX4 can only do mission in the “global” frame with lat/lon but not with local coordinates in meters. If you want to use local coordinates you will have to use offboard control for now.

Does that answer your question? I apologize for the late response.

Yes, that is the answer I wanted!

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