Offboard control or mission

I used mavros for setpoint offboard control (generated trajectory that i get from cvs file), but now I switched to Dronecode SDK for mavlink gimbal control and I found that it is not possible to use setpoint offboard mode in it (or it is?).

So is it possible to run both Mavros and Dronecode (Mavlink) for this purpose? Is it possible to control gimbal or setting ROI with Mavros without Dronecore?

It is possible but will require some changes. Are you doing this in SITL or on a real vehicle?

For SITL, you can use the QGC port 14550 for the Dronecode SDK. You just need to change add_udp_connection(14550) instead of add_udp_connection(), if I remember correctly.

Alternatively, you can use something like mavlink-router to split traffic from one to two endpoints.

Now I am using SITL, maybe in a few months will test in on hardware, as I said, my mission is to analyze some waypoints with camera (why I need gimbal control and I will probably use for this purpose Dronecode SDK) and I am generating dynamically changing waypoint list (before I used mavros to push them point by point and at the same time to be able to check for trajectory changes), so it would be nice If I will be able to post local or global coordinates to FC in offboard mode.

So you mean that If I will play with ports it should enable me work with both? I will come back to this at monday and will give You my feedback

Thank you for answering :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s just that by default PX4 has two mavlink instances one on 14550 for QGC, and one on 14540 for SDK or MAVROS.

You can see it here:

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