MAVLink to X-Plane (10, 11, 12) Bridge Now Available

Hi Everyone,

We forked the original mav2xplane project to support MAVLink v2, as well as SITL. We fixed a lot of bugs. COM support is no longer available (the UI is there, the hooks are not) and it’s a bit buggy, but it runs and drives.

This is an initial alpha release and is intended for development use.

Feel free to reach out to us here, on GitHub, or on our website if you want to discuss this project.


@Riley_August This project is very interesting! Do you have a tutorial or suggestion about how to comply with or run this project?


This is very early on in development so we have no compliance information at this time. The configuration dialog is able to map control channels to X-Plane control packets.

How to run: it builds with qmake on project, creating a mav2xplane executable. Execution has only been tested on Ubuntu right now. I got pulled away to other projects.

Sorry notifications have been broken while I was away.

When you get this to a state you are happy with, we’d be very happy to have it added to the docs: Simulation | PX4 User Guide

Thank you. If you have a list of QOL improvements you’d like to see, I’ll put them in the queue and I’ll see if I can make some time to work on this again this summer.

Hi, can you help please with launching, I have set all ports on XPlane side and I see that it takes information from bridge, but I didnt understand how to connect PX4 to it