Magnetometer ID's swapping during calibration/reboot

I am running px4 V1.11.3 on a cube orange in conjunction with two external magnetometers (model: HERE 3). Before the magnetometer calibration I set the following parameters:

CAL_MAG1_ID = 8944899

CAL_MAG2_ID = 8944643

CAL_MAG_PRIME = 8944899

8944643 is located inside the fuelage very close to the power cables so I want to disable it and use 8944899 instead as the primary magnetometer. But I intend to use the device’s GPS antenna so that is why it should be part of the system.

After calibrating the magnetometers and rebooting, the parameters change by mistake. This is the result:

CAL_MAG1_ID = 8944643

CAL_MAG2_ID = 8944899

CAL_MAG_PRIME = 8944643

The magnetometer 8944643 that I disabled becomes enabled and becomes the primary magnetometer. The magnetometer that I enabled (8944899) gets disabled.

Can anybody help me with that issue? Thanks!

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Hi, I have a similar problem, when I set CAL_MAG_PRIME with the internal MAG ID it stays there until I do a Gyro Calibration, after that it automatically changes to the external mag ID.
is there another configuration point to change this? any help would be grateful.