LPE and attitude_estimator_Q


Maybe they’re silly questions but …

What is the function of lpe and attitude_estimator_Q in the pixhawk?

the estimators are filters for the sensors?

what os the difference between lepe and attitude_estimator_Q?

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I think, LPE is an extended kalman filter, while attitude_estimator_Q is a complimentary filter.
I like this question, I hope there will be further useful discussion here.

LPE fuse the sensors to get the position of the UAV.
Attitude estimator fuse the imu to get the attitude of the UAV.

An alternative is EKF2:

EKF2 fuse the sensors to get the position and the attitude of the UAV.

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Lpe and attitude estimator, Are they kalman filters?

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LPE and Attitude estimator

What are you trying to do?

The actually supported estimator is EKF2.

I am sending mocap data to pixhawk, I have to use LPE and Q attitude estimator, so I didn’t know what kind of filter was LPE.


Thanks @AlexisTM and @abdullahmohiuddin