Estimator System Question for Snapdragon Flight

I use Snapdragon Flight for PX4 operating.
I try hovering by using optical flow camera and barometer.
but I have some question.
I would really appreciate it if you answered.

Which estimator System does Snapdragon Flight defualt source code use? EKF2 or LPE ?

I saw the code and I’m confused.

Only ekf2 start , local_position_estimator not start at PX4.config.
So I think Snapdragon Flight use ekf2.
but SYS_MC_EST_GROUP is set 1(LPE) at system_params.c.
please tell me. thank you.

and one more question

Which flight mode does hover( estimator system) work? Is only altitude mode supported ? not manual mode ?

By default Snapdragon Flight uses the EKF2 estimator. You can see this being loaded in the px4.config file.

I don’t know why the SYS_MC_EST_GROUP parameter is set. Perhaps this is the default value for the parameter.

In general, if a module is not loaded in the PX4, then it’s associated parameters are not used and have no affect.