What is the reason of INAV position estimator is deprecated?

I think INAV position estimator with attitude_estimator_q works well.

But why is INAV deprecated after firmware version v1.5.1?

EKF2 or LPE accuracy is better than INAV?

Up and hello.

I have the same question. I would like to reuse INAV estimator, but first I’m looking for the reasons why it was abandoned.

Would anyone know why it is deprecated?


The LPE estimator and ekf2 are more sophisticated and so it was decided to focus the resources on these newer estimators.

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@JulianOes I have difficulty using LPE for position control with optical flow sensor as I mentioned in this post.
Can you give me any advise on this issue?

I’m sorry I haven’t used LPE in a long time. I’d ask @jgoppert or @mhkabir.