Loss configurations in Pixhawk after crash

Hi everyone,

Recently I had a crash with my drone. After the crash I check my Pixhawk with only GPS and telemetry connected to it and everything (all calibrations and settings) was looking good.

Then today I connected my drone to it’s motors and to battery, raspberry Pi, radio controller etc. and I check the drone from mission planner again but all the calibrations was lost.

Also there is a lot of errors related to pre-arm checks, such as no compass, no RX controller calibrations. (probably because the calibrations is lost.)

Should I just reinstall the ardupilot to the Pixhawk or what should I do? Can you help me out please?

Don’t know what is causing this, but if you have Ardupilot installed, I would suggest asking on ardupilots discuss forum instead of PX4 :slight_smile:

I did, but I also wanted to ask in here too :slight_smile: