"Looking for" job forum boards

Community, please welcome our two new job boards, “Looking for Opportunities” and “Looking for Developers.”

Our humble community has grown tremendously over the last few months. We have a plethora of organizations and developers participating every day. Dronecode wants to help you find your next career path/adventure, while also bring Organizations closer to the community.

The newly created job boards are a safe space for the community to interact. Developers and drone professionals alike are welcome to look for opportunities.

Looking for Opportunities

Starting Today, developers looking for opportunities can create a post on the “Looking for Opportunities” board.

Before posting, please read “About the Looking for Opportunities category

Looking for Developers

Also, starting Today, organizations can use this space to find developers using the “Looking for Developers” category. Any employee of an organization can create a post on the board.

Before posting, please read “About the Looking for Developers (Jobs / Careers) category

Dronecode wants to ensure the community continues growing and sustains its growth. If you are part of an organization that finds any of Dronecode efforts helpful in any way, please consider acquiring a membership. The Dronecode membership is the best way to fund our efforts directly and contribute to the community.

Please let us know if there are any questions, concerns.