Available for hire [QGC customization]

Hello guys, If you are interested for hire a software team. We’re a multi-disciplinary team that masters all skills to build end-to-end software with the following open-source platforms:

  • QGroundControl
  • MavLink, and
  • Px4 autopilot

About Us:

We have worked with industry leaders say, Kittyhawk, Measure, Datumate, and Skyward, A Verizon company.

Please keep an eye on our work credentials, https://tinyurl.com/alv6olbg

Sandeep [sandeep.thakur@canopusinfosystems.com]

@Sandeep_Thakur I removed your duplicate post, and properly moved this one to the proper Looking for Opportunities category, please read the complete guidelines and update your post accordingly

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Thanks for the notification of the guidelines, appreciate it!