About the Looking for Opportunities category

Community, this board is for any community member looking for job opportunities; this can be full time, part-time, or contract work for freelancers.

Please use this community for advertising yourself as you see fit. I strongly suggest you include links to summarize who you are, what you are looking for, and add links to your previous work.

The only rule is to follow the following Title format, and or agree to your title being updated w/o your permission by an admin.

"your name": Looking for for a “full time / part-time / contract” opportunity, "remote / on site"

The top monthly posts are featured through the community channels (Discuss, Slack, Newsletter, Social Media). Please try to keep things civil we are an open community with high values.

Please reach out to the Dronecode team if you see any offenders, remember, this is your community.

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