Looking for ECL EKF authors

I’m working on integrating the EKF into my university’s flight controller. I’ve gotten pretty far - the combined system builds and runs, and sensor data is going into the EKF and results are coming out. It’s definitely not 100% correct though. Even with just a minimal implementation of gyro, accel, mag, and barometer, the EKf’s pitch & roll output spins wildly for a while before settling down, and doesn’t always settle or remain in the correct position.

I’m sure this is something I’m doing wrong - wrong input scales or signs or orders, or I’m missing some initialization or parameters that need to be set.

Would someone who’s worked on the ECL EKF be willing to spend a few minutes helping me get the thing running properly? I can post my interface code and sensor values, or any other information that would be helpful.

Sadly I can’t help you on your issue, but could you maybe provide me with some code snippets, how you implemented the ECL library, as I am currently encountering some issues with implementing the code…

Best regards