EKF API Text Output


This question is for a non-PX4 flight controller which is using the ECL EKF by creating an Ekf() object and using the methods in estimator_interface.h.

Any suggestions for how to connect ECL_INFO / ECL_WARN / ECL_ERR to a function I control?

It looks like they’re macro’d to either printf or PX4_INFO, etc…

If I create the appropriately-named functions and my own header called px4_log.h, would that work? How would I get that header into the build script? I’m trying to do this without touching any files under ecl, so that I can continue to pull updates without worrying about local changes.

Also a final question - do you know of any other universities that are using the ECL outside of PX4? I’d like to track down their grad students and compare notes.


I’m not the right person to be asking about build scripts - my programming knowledge doesn’t extend that far.

In the past we had contact from some researchers from Delft TU who were working on integrating it into their flight stack.