ECL Input Questions


I’m looking into using ECL for a project and I’m trying to understand some of the inputs.

I haven’t been able to find a good answer for if magnetometer values should be tilt corrected before being provided to the EKF. I noticed if if I did not apply a tilt correction my yaw would change with roll and pitch.

Second, I’m planning on using a relatively high performance IMU (1 deg/hr, 0.3 mg). With this comes the ability to dead reckon significantly longer. My GPS update rate will be 1 Hz. I’ve seen that the limit for ECL is 5 Hz. Is this due to the limited performance of the IMUs typically used on the smaller quads? Will the EKF be able to perform with the lower update rate for GPS given the more accurate IMU?



The mag data should be fed into the EKF in the body frame, so no tilt correction

The EKF is tuned for lower grade IMUs but you should definitely be able to retune it and maybe change some timeouts here and there to get it to work.

Thank you for your input. I’ll have to play around more and see what I can tune.