Logging for KakuteH7 V2 with PX4

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently using PX4 with the Holybro KakuteH7 V2 flight controller. I’ve run into a challenge where the PX4 doesn’t support the logging feature for this specific flight controller. I wanted to find a workaround or an alternative solution that can effectively help in achieving the same.

I’m open to different approaches, and I’ve considered a couple of ideas:

  1. Logging Mavlink Messages from QGroundControl (QGC): I believe QGC supports MAVLink message logging. Can this be a viable option to log all necessary flight data?
  2. Using MAVROS on a Companion Computer: Another approach could be to use MAVROS with a companion computer to log the Mavlink messages. I’m interested to hear if anyone has tried this before.

I’m eager to get your thoughts on these possibilities, or if you have any other suggestions for this situation.

Any help or guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

How are your programming skills? There is 128 MB of flash on the board that could be used for logging the data.

I’m okay with C++ and Python but I mostly dealt with control algorithms and messaging as I’m a student in control. I would love to give it a shot if there is any document that can help me!

Well no, there is no document :slight_smile:
There couple of hints: Flash is W25N01GV, and you will try to figure out how to run LittleFS on it. You will look in NuttX for that.