Can't download logs from QGC

Hi all!
I’m tuning vehicle and I need to download logs from QGC.
But when I try to download a log, the ‘status’ column of the selected log changes from ‘Available’ to ‘Error’.
And I can’t download.
Someone please tell me how to fix it.
Any help would be great.

The size is all 0, so something is wrong. Which flight controller, and what PX4 version is this? And what QGC version? And what link do you have it all connected with? USB, or a radio?

Thanks for responding to me!
I used FCU which is Cube Orange.
PX4 version is 1.13.3
QGC version v4.2.6
And I connected with USB.

The error occurs because there is no file to download. - Indicated by the size “0”
Also no date and time in first column visible.
As Julian said, something is wrong. Could be memory card related or some other issue.

If it was me I would get the micro-SD card out and connect to a computer to inspect for any issues. (Flight Controller needs to be powered off when removing SD-card)

Could also try QGC 4.2.8. in case it makes a difference.

I can suggest two things:

  • click Refresh twice (I think there used to be a case where it just took some time, especially if you have many files like you)
  • try with v1.14.