Local position drift with EKF2 and vision


Im using hector slam with a lidar and remapping to /Mavros/vision_pose/pose. Then using the EKF2 to remap to /Mavros/local_position/pose.

I’m using a pixhawk 4 mini with latest firmware.

My problem is that on Mavros/local_position/pose I get some nice values for about 60 seconds or less then nothing published on that topic for a few seconds then when it starts again there’s a huge drift before jumping back to the right place.

Its frustrating since the localisation from hector slam is pretty good with the lidar. But I can’t just use the raw output from that since I need some altitude data.

I stumbled across this as when I try to set my quad In offboard mode it changes straight to auto.land mode which is an odd issue I’m not sure if that a problem with my python node but it works in simulation.

Any help would be massively appreciated