LINK data sensors to matlab, WIFI


Have you any idea how can i export the timeseries coming out of the sensors drivers let’s say the MPU6000 gyro/accel raw data to Matlab ? I was thinking of using standart USB link to start with for prototyping.

Any help could be appreciate

You can use QGroundControl to log your data. The logger module ( allows you to log into a ulog format file that you can convert to .csv and, then, import in MATLAB, for instance.

Ok thank you.

But I would like to have a direct LIVE link with the onboard computer. I search and found that I can used a companion computer onboard(RaspberryPi,BeagleBone Black,etc…) connected to serial link of the pixhawk hardware and then use Wifi Hotspot connectivity to exange informations of sensors with my MATLAB computer on ground.

As explain here HERE

But can I use directly a wifi adaptater connected to serial of pixhawk hardware and configure it directly with the nuttxOS without having to add a companion computer as explain HERE. Because it seems like pixhawk hardaware does not handle wifi connectivity by himself, right ? Or I’ve missed something.

Would it be a good way to interract with the system in term of speed and reliability ? Would it be better to use bluetooth link or other … ?!

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