Level Calibration (Attitude Esitmator not running)

Please help as I am unable to get out of this issue of the Estimator not running
BR Andy Cross

Odd. What hardware are you using? And what version of PX4?

I have a brand new Pixhawk 4 mini (one month old) Firmware in the attached picture, and Airframe is “Standard plane”. with PX4 Pro 1.10.1 stable release

I have also tried the Ardupilot with Pixhawk mini 4 firmware but this ends up with a “Baro unable to initialise driver”.
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What’s the error when you use PX4? The screenshot just shows the upgrade which seemed to pass, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Hi its the message in the first screen shot popup message Alttitude Estimator not running and the calibration is halted


Given the following message:

I would say that your baro isn’t working and this is why the estimator cannot start (it’s waiting for the baro data).

As you said about the Baro not working should the the “Pressure_Alt” be showing a reading as it 's at 0 is this a further indicator that it’s not working ?

Yes, that’s what you should have:

Yes thanks for this the PX4 mini was broken new one has resolved the issue thanks for your time