Attitude estimator not running - check system boo

Hello everyone!

I have a Pixhawk PX4. I have tried to set it up through numerous programs, such as Mission Planner and APM Planner 2. The one that works best so far seems QGroundControl.
It is because through this program I am able to calibrate the following: airframe, radio, and some sensors.
I am not able to get “level horizon”. The mistake that I get is:

“attitude estimator not running - check system boo”.

Hence, I am not able to arm and try my quad.
What can I do about this problem?
Thank you for your help,
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Hello, have the same problem with the Pixhawk 4 Mini. Firmware 1.9.0

Hi there,

We are encountering the same issue. Anyone find a fix?

Fraser and Aastha

I encountered such a problem when I uploaded LPE firmware to pixhawk.
Before calibration need to set SYS_MC_EST_GROUP = LPE instead of default EKF2.
After restart attitude estimator starts working , and all level calibration proceeds OK.