Landing with the hiccup!

I am testing a quadcopter frame Tarot 650 Sport (motors Trarot 4114 with T-Motor 1555 blades) with a Pixhawk 4. I have a little problem during the landing. Some seconds before the automatic disarmed, the motors give an acceleration unbalanced at the back. The propellers give a short push up, I affraid by a reversal of the drone. Have you somes ideas about this case ?

Thank you

Can you share the log? It looks like a problem with the land detector, but without the log I cannot say more.


Thank you for your message

It seems me, the problem was corrected with modification of tuning setup in QgroundControl.

The value for “Manual Minimum throttle” is now 7%.

After landing, the motors are stopting automaticly after few seconds without the little accelaration.