Fixed Wing Offboard Control (Attitude)

Hi all,

I am working on controlling the plane in offboard mode by sending some vehicle_attitude_setpoint messages from ground computer. I successfully controlled multicopter’s roll pitch yaw and thrust by these messages in offboard mode. I now want to make this happen in fixed wing mode, and for this, i saw that mavlink receiver publishes the vehicle attitude setpoint topic and fw attitude controller subscribes to it. But after that, it checks the modes just before sending the values to actuator and offboard mode is not in that if condition.( ( I added to that guard condition the offboard mode with an additional OR. I wonder why there is not offboard mode, i am now going to field to test this.


FW supports some types of offboard setpoints in the position controller, but so far it hasn’t been a heavily used feature. If you’d like to open a pull request to add support for offboard attitude setpoints I’m sure others would appreciate it.

after adding _vcontrol_mode.flag_control_manual_enabled to

The attitude target works for fixed wing in offboard mode.

I’m planning on using this mode, but it seems like line 1251 was already in the current px4 master repo. Did you have to add anything extra?

If it is included in the source, it will obey your attitude commands in offboard mode if you are able to send the offboard messages within the timeout period. (I don’t suggest to send them through air)

@metinburak I have the same issue using the offboard control of PX4 FW. Can you guide me through how can I send the attitude commands? Currently, I have been able to send the position setpoint commands. However, vehicle seems to be denying. I am using MAVROS to publish setpoint commands.