Offboard computer control for fixed wing drone

Hello. I am trying to develop a fixed-wing autonomous drone and use a raspberry pi as an offboard computer to control it. I have read the PX4 documentation on offboard computing as well as the MAVSDK documentation and have found some contradictory information. On the PX4 documentation, it says the following MAVLink commands are supported:

However, the MAVSDK documentation says “The API uses the PX4 Offboard flight mode. The class can only be used with copter and VTOL vehicles (not fixed wing - a PX4 limitation) and currently only supports velocity setpoint commands (PX4 additionally supports position and thrust setpoints)”. Implying that no Fixed-Wing offboard commands are supported.

I am curious which documentation I should be following, as well as if there are any examples on controlling a fixed-wing drone with these commands. Thank you.

PX4 documentation: Offboard Mode | PX4 User Guide (v1.12)
MAVSDK documentation: Offboard Control · MAVSDK Guide