Just getting started, no Motor setup option

I want to verify motor direction, QGroundControl manual shows a setup “Motors” between “Power” and “Safety”. I don’t have a “Motors” option in my QGroundControl.

I also thought I could do this with just the transmitter, can anyone tell me if/how I can do this?


I have exactly the same issue. I have the latest firmware for PX4 and the latest QGC, but the motors tab is missing.

Same here… I bought a Holybro S500 that came with a pixhawk 4. Bump after bump as the documentation doesn’t match with the applications…
using motor_test in the mavlink console does not work either… Super frustrating to have to attach props and risk a crash just to verify that cabling is the correct way around.
For my frame, it seems I have to select X-frame, motor 1 is front right, motor 2 is back left, motor 3 front left and 4 is back, right… but when arming, giving a little throttle and tilting the frame, it sounds like at least one of the motors that should be getting more power is actually getting less… so I’d like to be able to turn one motor on at the time to verify cabling… but frustratingly this does not seem to have been implemented, although the manual both refers to the motor testing tab and how to do it from the mavlink console , Sucks to be a noob like me…