Issues running Dronekit examples on the Intel Aero RTF Drone

I am currently trying to perform autonomous flying development for my but I am having some problems running the examples from this repository on my. Every time i try to run any of the examples i get either timeout due to lack of connection after the

“Connecting to vehicle on: tcp:”

appears on my terminal, or i get

data link #0 lost
data link #0 regained

and then the drone fails to run the code file.

I have been able to do an autonomous take off using QGroundControl but I am unable to run any python script on the drone.
I hope someone can shed some light on the subject.
Thank you in advance,

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In general Dronekit is not maintained and not completely supported by PX4.
Where did you find the Dronekit example? If it’s on GitHub you could try to get help by creating an issue right there.

Otherwise, I would recommend that you check out the Dronecode SDK.