Offboard example with PX4 and dronekit

Hello everyone,

Does anybody have any code example for flying an Intel Aero RTF drone in off-board mode with a PX4 with dronekit?
I would like to test an experiment in which the drone moves, for example, 1m up, or 1m to the right, when entering in the off-board mode.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you!

offboard example Maybe you would have a look at this one?

As answered by @SalimTerryLi, the DronecodeSDK should do what you need. Right now you need to build it from sources, and very soon there will be a python package that you will be able to install from pip.

Also, feel free to ping us on slack (, channel #mavsdk, if we miss you messages here :-).

Let us know how it goes!