Issues connecting via SERIAL


I’m trying to use the example takeoff and land from core SDK, connecting via serial with ardupilot but i’m getting some inicial errors and can only see telemetry data and i can’t arm.
I’ve tried to print telemetry health and it shows that gyro and accelerometer calibration aren’t ok, that’s why i can’t get it armed and fly.
But when i connect to QGroundControl i can arm and fly with no problems. :confused:

I’ve done the integration of ardupilot with Marvelmind’s beacons to get fake GPS position.
I think that I’ll need to migrate to PX4. Has anyone done this integration with PX4 flight stack?

Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately the Dronecode SDK is not tested against ArduPilot, so it’s probably not fully compatible. Pull requests for potential fixes would be welcome.

Well, i changed the flight stack to PX4 to avoid this errors.
But the first thing I noticed is that PX4 don’t acept NMEA GPS type so that i can’t use that with marvelmind.
Am i right?

I don’t know. You could try. There is an ashtech driver that might be similar:

@bkueng any chance we have NMEA?

Yes the ashtech driver is NMEA with some proprietary flavor. So it should not be too hard to get it to work.

As a note, marvelmind has two serial protocols: native and nmea (limited message set though). The ArduPilot driver uses the native protocol and fuses into the ekf as a beacon, not a fake gps. If the OP has set this up for ArduPilot he’ll need to reconfigure to nmea for px4, and turn off some gps checks (num satellites for instance).

Well, i managed to get it working with marvelmind as @auturgy said. I disabled num of satellites and now I’ve got 3D lock and in QGroundControl it shows where it is supposed to be.
The only issue I got is the altitude. I changed the EKF2_HGT_MODE to 1 to use GPS, but the altitude is very unstable. Checking in the marvelmind’s dashboard it looks stable and I have really good 3D position (very stable).
Will the drone be capable of fly with marvelmind’s information?

I got 3d lock and in QGroundControl the drone was in the position that I defined in Marvelmind. But then I noticed that when I move the drone around, the position was the same… :confused:
With this, I decided to include the driver that @JulianOes and @bkueng mencioned earlier in PX4 build, flashed, and now I can’t get any fix gps.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance