Intel Aero Ready To Fly FC PX4 GPS port and GPS NMEA message

Hello. Currently I am connecting Marvel Mind Ultrasonic Sensors to Intel Aero Ready To Fly FC. I am using GPS port of the FC. QGround Control successfully reports 3D lock and data are communicated between FC and MarvelMind. But HDOP and VDOP and number of satellites is reported as 0. It means there is maybe problem with specific NMEA sentence, that is send by MarvelMind to PX4. Does PX4 expects specific NMEA sentence? Currently MarvelMind is sending all these GP messages - GPRMC,GPGGA,GPVTG, GPZDA.

Only HDOP value 1.2 and number of satellites 8 are sending in the $GPGGA message. But clearly PX4 is not reading HDOP or satellites value 8 from $GPGGA message.

But another message, $GPGSA, contains all of the parameters: HDOP, VDOP, number of satellites and this message is not send by MarvelMind - they are not supporting it. Am I missing some settings of parameters for PX4? Thank you for your advice.

Short update. When I switched to ArduPilot stack. I do have GPS 3D Lock info.HDOP, Course Over Ground,GPS Count.

Hi @trgiman

Did you ever try to fly PX4 together with marvelmind again?

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